Tuition for one student attending the Pistol Mechanics class on January 23rd, 2021.  A range fee of $30 is applied to this class.  Class located in New Hill, North Carolina.

January 23rd, 2021 Pistol Mechanics, New Hill NC

Range Fee
  • Pistol Mechanics is a look into how to build a solid foundation with your pistol. We break things way down and then build back up so as shooters not only have a solid understanding of the fundamentals and mechanics but, they understand the why’s of how they’re training. Pistol Mechanics is a road map to becoming proficient. This is an intermediate level class that a new shooter looking to find out ways to step up to the next level will greatly benefit from. It’s also a class that higher level shooters can come to refine techniques and learn to push speed and accuracy. Pistol Mechanics is a great class to not only build confidence but to learn where to go from here.