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Concealed Pistol/Medical Mechanics
1 day $225

Scott medical leg tourniquet_edited.jpg
Scott medical arm tourniquet2.PNG

Concealed Pistol/Medical Mechanics is a look into the practical use of your EDC pistol and how to initiate hemorrhage control for gunshot wounds and other trauma.  This course is taught by Nick and Scott (see instructor bio).

Nick will focus on the pistol training aspect of the class, while Scott will provide instruction on hemorrhage control in the face of trauma. This medical course will cover tactical applications of the tourniquet, as well as how to progress through the "Casualty Care" algorithm, with regards to wound control, in an effort to help the student become a more responsibly prepared citizen.



Not your first class. If you haven’t taken a class but think you’re qualified to register, please email Nick at


Topics covered:

  • Accuracy

  • Speed

  • Single-hand malfunctions 

  • Use of cover and concealment

  • Injured shooter scenarios

  • Movement 

  • Application and use of medical equipment 

  • Improvised medical equipment 


Gear list:

  • Modern semi automatic pistol. No micro subcompacts.

  • Inside the waistband holster OR duty holster. Please no serpa or cloth holsters.

  • 1 mag pouch 

  • At least 3 magazines 

  • 200 rounds of ammo

  • Cat tourniquet 

  • 2 rolls of gauze 

  • 4” ace bandage 

  • Food, water + electrolytes

  • Sunscreen 

  • Rain gear (we will shoot in the rain)

  • Fold out chair

  • An open mind

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