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About Nick Young

Nick has been shooting for 12 years. What started as a hobby has turned into a passion. That passion has not only lead him to constantly continuing his education, but has lead him to helping others become better.  Nick takes on a practical approach to shooting with a strong foundation of basic fundamentals. Also, in between teaching classes as well as taking several classes a year, he participates in competitive shooting. Since 2014 he’s shot in 3 gun, PRS, Steel Challenge, Team DMR, and most recently USPSA. He's currently a USPSA Master class shooter. Shooting sports have helped mold his style of shooting and pushing the envelope of fast accuracy.

Professional Endorsements:

Nick represents the Walther Arms Defense Division team, and was also selected to represent Hodge Defense Systems.  He is the only sponsored shooter for Parker Mountain Machine.


About Scott Blough

Scott Blough enlisted in the Army as an Infantryman in February of 2000.  In 2002 he attended Special Forces Assessment and Selection followed by the Qualification Course to become a Special Forces Medial Sergeant.  He was then assigned to 3rd Special Forces Group from 2004-2010 where he went on 5 deployments to Afghanistan conducting a wide variety of missions.  Following his time in 3rd SFG, he was assigned to the Joint Special Operations Medical Center as the NCOIC of the Special Operations Medical Skills Sustainment Course which serves as the medical refresher course for all SOF medics.  In 2016 he commissioned as a Physician Assistant and was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division.


About Maxwell Gates

Max Gates has had a gun in his hand since he could walk. To be fair, for a few years it was a cap gun. Growing up in the midwest, Max was raised as an upland game hunter. In 2011 Max was introduced to the joys of modern weapons and never looked back. Like most folks, Max cut his teeth in the woods practicing techniques he learned from DVDs, but since 2014 has been voraciously consuming any professional training he can get. Max started shooting with Nick in 2015 and has continued shooting and training with him since. 

Max Comp Shooting.png
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