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Practical Rifle Applications
1 Day $225 
2 Day $450


Practical Rifle Applications is a look into how to build a solid foundation and enhance performance with your rifle.  In this course, we will break things down, then build them back up again.  In this way, the shooter will not only have a solid understanding of the fundamentals and mechanics, but will also understand the "why" and "how" aspects of their training.


This Rifle Mechanics course will provide a road map to becoming proficient in rifle shooting.  This is an intermediate level class that will benefit both the beginner shooter looking to advance their training and also the more advanced shooter looking to refine techniques and challenge themselves with speed and accuracy.


Rifle Mechanics is a great class to not only build confidence, but also to gain new skills that will push the shooter further and enhance all-around performance.



  • Safety 

  • Gun handling principles 

  • Gear selection 

  • Dryfire: hows and whys

  • Grip and stance/recoil management 

  • Zeroing 

  • Unorthodox shooting positions

  • Sight picture: what’s acceptable and what’s not

  • Mount

  • Vision

  • Rifle to pistol transitions

  • Reloading with consistency

  • Target transitions/eye speed

  • How to move safely and effectively with a rifle

  • Shooting on the move

  • Entries and exits

  • Longer drills/stages



  • Modern semi-automatic rifle (e.g. AR15, AK47/74, Scar, MCX, etc)

  • Modern semi-automatic pistol (NO revolvers or micro-subcompacts)

  • Good holster that covers up the trigger guard (e.g. Kydex holsters, inside the waistband or outside the waistband, or active retention holsters); NO Serpa holsters or fabric holsters will be allowed.

  • At least 1 pistol mag pouch

  • At least 1 rifle mag pouch

  • Solid gun belt

  • Ear protection

  • Eye protection

  • Sling

  • 500 rounds of rifle ammo (1 DAY)

  • 1000 rounds of rifle ammo (2 DAY)

  • 100 rounds of pistol ammo 

  • Water + electrolytes

  • Lunch/snacks

  • Rain gear

  • Chair

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