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Course Descriptions


Private Lesson - 1 on 1

Velox Training Group offers private classes and 1 on 1 training. Private training is catered to what the students goals are. It’s a great way to gain a lot of information and leave the class with a road map to your goals. Email for availability and rates.

A note about private lessons - unless otherwise arranged, private lessons are done at Woody's Hunting and Rifle Club in New Hill, NC.

Students are expected, unless otherwise arranged, to bring their own firearms and safety equipment (eyes, ears, gloves if necessary), magazines, and ammunition. 

Please take a look at one of the Velox class Required Gear listings to get an idea of what you will be expected to bring:

  • Modern semi automatic pistol. 9mm, 40 cal, .45 acp, 22 LR are all fine calibers to use. No micro subcompacts or revolvers.

  • Modern semi automatic rifle. Examples- AR15, AK47/74, Scar, MCX etc.

  • Good holster that covers up the trigger guard. Kydex holsters (inside the waistband or outside the waistband) or active retention holsters. No serpa holsters or fabric holsters will be allowed.

  • At least 2 mag pouches

  • Solid gun belt

  • Ear protection

  • Eye protection

  • Plenty of water

  • lunch/snacks

  • rain gear

***please note that ammunition is not included in the prices of Velox Training Group private lessons or classes***

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